No Place to Stand Alone

 Basil Repa 

 Five Amazing Stars 

 I was completely thrilled so this accept this most exciting story. Written by Ashraf Haggag. This book was written for the benefit for his family. He hopes this story is them more values for them to learn to become stronger in both their future careers. Giving them particular advice in such tough worlds so they will finally achieve their happiness in life. 

Echos of Culture in the Corporate Environment


 Echoes of Culture in the Corporate Environment is an interesting guide to the way a number of different cultures operate in the business sphere. This is not a sociological examination of culture, rather a simplified outline that would be helpful to someone in small business who is making plans to take on overseas partners for the first time. 

The book is focused solidly on the northern hemisphere, and would be a helpful piece of research for anyone making exploratory business moves out of their own country. 

No Place to Stand Alone

Leigh Martinuzzi

 5 stars An insightful read 

 An insightful read about the history of acquisitions and mergers. Perhaps the success of your business will be dependant on the quality of future partnerships. I think it kind of relates to life as well - we are more successful​ in working together.