Echos of Culture in the Corporate Environment

Book Summary

A deep insight into the following topics;

• the definition of culture as a driving force in business,
• the unique cultures of a variety of countries and global regions,
• the ways culture directs business negotiations,
• the influence of culture on business strategy,
• the effect of culture on business communications, and
• the role culture plays in consumer buying behavior 

Blog Reviews


" The author describes cultural identity with great precision yet apt detail. The book highlights the uniqueness of each region from the individualism of Americans to the politeness of Japanese, the architecture of Egyptians to the renaissance of Italians. One of the interesting entity throughout the book, for me personally was the value of time among various culture depicted by their punctuality."


" Every chapter that discusses the culture of different countries is filled with colorful and rich history. It also discusses the effect it has had on the personalities of their citizens, commonly accepted etiquette and even rules of being punctual (!) that you will find in these places. "