No Place to Stand Alone

Book Summary

No Place to Stand Alone has a place on your shelf whether you are looking for a deep reference to today’s corporate climate or simply a light read that highlights effective and ineffective exchanges of the past. And if you are a business owner, you can be sure to succeed in your next M&A endeavor with this book as your guide.  

Blog Reviews


" An insightful read about the history of acquisitions and mergers. Perhaps the success of your business will be dependent on the quality of future partnerships. I think it kind of relates to life as well - we are more successful​ in working together."


" No Place to Stand Alone: Historical Mergers & Acquisitions by Ashraf Haggag is a ground-breaking book on business and finance, a book that brilliantly showcases the place of mergers in today's business arena. Starting with the challenges that competition poses in the various different market sectors, the author moves on to masterfully illustrate how mergers and acquisitions have been the most logical alternative for businesses that wanted to grow and to survive in the past two decades. "